Using the Emotion Code for mental illness

What is the Emotion Code?emotion code practitioner near me

Recently we discovered an energy healing modality called The Emotion Code from Dr Bradley Nelson. The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps to identify and release trapped emotion from negative past events.

Emotions are basically energy like everything else. A negative trapped emotion could be considered a “ball of energy causing discomfort in the body.” Too much negative energy could cause pain or discomfort.

Trapped emotions can cause anxiety and depression or make you feel disconnected from others. By identifying and releasing the trapped emotions attached to the pain or discomfort, your energy field will balance and become more stable.

There’s no “exact science” or proof of trapped emotions and how they affect your body but it’s easy to understand the concepts. Think of people you know who cannot let go of past traumas. Or those who have been affected by major traumas. If they keep coming back and you keep processing the trauma, the energy is going to affect you.

Why not have a certified Emotion Code practitioner work with you to find and release the trapped emotions.

Find a Certified Emotion Code near me

We were recently introduced to Bob Randklev Certified Emotion Code practitioner and he did some amazing work with people we know. The process of releasing trapped emotions was safe, easy and the results were amazing!

Bob works from his office via telephone or video conference and he has clients worldwide. Just like radio, TV and mobile phones can transmit around the world, so can energy healing!

For one patient with PTSD, Bob was able to connect to his subconscious, ask which emotions were causing the issues and find them on the Emotion Code Chart. He was able to do this via muscle testing and then using a magnet the emotions were released. The patient felt much better right away and over the following days improved more!

How does the Emotion Code Work?

Bob explains what the Emotion Code is and how it works in this YouTube video

You can contact Bob and/or book an Emotion Code Session on his website

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Emotion Code practitioner too? Contact Bob to learn more!